Walter Veith moon Sabbath

Lunar Calendar true Sabbath verses pagan Catholic Gregorian Saturday Sabbath


Biblical Lunar Calendar has only 28 days a month and thirteen months a year.

The true biblical sabbath always lands on the same dates 7th, 14th, 21st & 28th of each month

Dr. Walter Veith new moon Sabbath verses the pagan Gregorian sabbath

The bible lunar calendar Sabbath is different than the Catholic pagan Gregorian calendar Sabbath.

This means the seventh Sabbath day identified as pagan Saturday on the catholic Gregorian calendar, does not correspond to the Holy Sabbath day in the biblical calendar.

In other words Saturday and Sunday are pagan Catholic days and not the true Sabbath day.

Moses followed the new full moon cycle as his monthly signs of times calendar.

Moses also received signs from heaven also to indicate when the 6 days he would receive the Manna from heaven and on the sixth day there was a double portion of Manna for the seventh day Sabbath. The signs from heaven were his guild of keeping the Sabbath. Moses did not use the pagan Egyptian calendar as his guild.

After King Solomon had fallen into apostasy marrying idolatrous wives from Egypt and other pagan nations, he turned from the Lord and was following the ways of the pagans’ rituals and pagan calendars. Solomon had gone astray from the true Sabbaths and the Jews were no longer observing the Sabbaths according to the new moon biblical calendar. Instead the Jews had all gone astray following pagan days and rituals of Astarte, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Cybele, Rhea, Demeter, Ceres, Aphrodite, Venus, Diana, and Freya, for the purpose of worshiping the mother goddess Ishtar. All this began in paganism, with the Ishtar and Tammuz legend.  Then he brought me to the door of the gate of the LORD'S house which was toward the north; and, behold, there sat women weeping for Tammuz. Ezekiel chapter 8:14

Bring no more vain oblations, incense is an abomination unto me: the new Moons, and Sabbaths, the calling of assemblies I cannot away with; it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting. Isaiah chapter 1 verse 13.
All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned everyone to his own way; and the LORD hath laid on him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah chapter 53 verse 6.

The Julian calendar was also a pagan calendar and in error.

Dr. Walter Veith said regarding the true Sabbath day that God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Not one part of the law will be changed.

Talking about a restoration in the last days:
Dr.Walter Veith quotes Isaiah 66 verse 23 And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one Sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.

Those who return to the ancient biblical lunar observance Sabbath calendar will not receive the Mark of the Beast 666 Gregorian pagan day calendar.

The main reason why the Catholic pagan Gregorian calendar is an abomination in the sight of God and is a calendar of false times and seasons is because the Pope (with the mark 666 on his mitre) (hat), forces the world to take the mark of the Beast calendar as their Babylonian economic and religious guild or else the country that rejects the pagan calendar will be forced to go to war.  The Catholic Church made a Babylonian calendar for pagan worship and needed to adjust the pagan name days to line up with those pagan advents as mentioned by Dr. Walter Veith in the video regarding the true Sabbath and the pagan Pope Gregory changing the times and seasons on the calendar.

The catholic Pope Gregory (who had the number of the Beast 666 written on his hat, according to the Catholic tradition of each Pope), this anti-Christ changed the times and the seasons with his Roman calendar and has forced his wrath of the church of the devil´s wine of fornication upon the entire world.

Dr. Walter Veith also made it very clear about all popes when he said:
According to a Catholic report from their journal “Our Sunday Visitor”, a Jesuit publication, published two admissions that Vicarius Filii Dei is in fact a title for the pope—on November 15, 1914, and April 18, 1915. The November 15, 1914, issue, tells us this:
The title of the Pope of Rome is Vicarius Filii Dei. This is inscribed on his mitre(hat); and if you take the letters of his title (printed large) and add them together they come to 666...add these together and the total will be 666.

Note what our Protestant forefathers had to say about Vicarius Filii Dei:
Dr. Henry Grattan Guinness, in Babylon and the Beast, said this:
An English officer of high rank, who in 1799 by a special favor, was given the special opportunity, while in Rome, to get a close look at the Pope's jewels and precious things, discovered thereby, that the papal tiara bore this inscription: 'Vicarivs Filii Dei.'
When you take out the Latin letters, which have a numerical value, and which still are used to represent numbers, and which are: V, I, C, L, and D, these letters form the number given below. In these Latin words there are two V's, which letter denotes 5, six I's denoting 1, one C which denotes 100, one L, which denotes 50, and one D, which denotes 500, thus, V,V=10; I,I,I,I,I,I=6; C=100; L=50; and D=500, the sum 666.

The Roman calendar is abomination to God because it is not the same as the biblical calendar for many reasons.
First reason why the catholic pagan Gregorian calendar is not a correct indicator of the true Sabbath day is because the biblical calendar starts on the end of March or the beginning of April.

Whereas, the beginning of the year in the pagan Catholic Gregorian calendar starts just a few days after the most important pagan called Nimrod and his ceremonial pagan Catholic Christmas tree ceremony which is on the 1st day of January.
Second reason why the Catholic pagan Gregorian calendar is not a correct indicator of the true Sabbath day is because the biblical calendar has only 28 days and 13 months.

Each month is measured by the moon cycle around the earth in 28 days.

This makes the pagan Catholic Gregorian calendar inaccurate, because each month of the Gregorian calendar has either 31 days and five weeks or 30 days or even 29 days and also a leap added.

God´s calendar is a perfect measurement of time, each month is the same with only four weeks a month and the Sabbath day always landing on the seventh day.

It takes the moon 28 days to orbit the Earth; it makes this orbit 13 times each year. The standard of measure is the 28-day cycle, called a moon, because it is the median between the 29.5-day synodic cycle of the moon (new moon to new moon) and the 27.1-day sidereal cycle of the moon. Hence, it is a measure of Earth’s solar orbit using the 28-day lunar standard. This creates a perfect orbital measure of 13 moons of 28 days, totaling 364 days, or 52 perfect weeks of 7 days each.

The 7th day the 14th day the 21st day and the 28th day.  Each month has the same dates they never change. The month begins with the full moon and then 28 days later the moon has made a complete cycle around the earth revealing the beginning of the next month.
Also another reason is the pagan Catholic Gregorian calendar indicates that we are in the year 2013. This is also obvious evidence demonstrating how inaccurate the pagan Catholic Gregorian calendar is today. The pagan Catholic Gregorian calendar is wrong by 13 years already, because as the year 2000 of the pagan Catholic Gregorian calendar was supposed to be the beginning of the millennium. William Miller had used the pagan catholic Gregorian calendar to measure the prophecy of 1844 as the official second coming advent. However, the Biblical calendar says the current year of the Jewish calendar (16 September 2012 to 4 September 2013) is AM 5773. Which means 1773 AD and the 1844 prophecy has not yet arrived.

The Bible says I”f it were possible even the very elect will be deceived.” The question is how many people will live in denial after they have seen the obvious before their eyes?
Comfort zones, money, bank accounts and businesses will be affected when a person truly is exposed to this truth and does something about it.

A true pastor will not continue on with the lie but instead he will have a paradigm shift and awake the people to the truth. Whereas the false pastor will not threaten his lively hood to share this information and he would rather live in denial selling his sermons online.
Our true God, is a God of order He organized the creation to be a sign for the biblical calendar.
The catholic calendar is organized anarchy, it is confusing and pagan.

The catholic Gregorian days are measured by the pagan sun goddess rituals and the pagan crescent moon rituals. The Gregorian days are not measured by the cycle of the full moon cycle which takes only twenty eight days to make a full cycle around the earth.
Instead the catholic Gregorian calendar is measured on the beginning of the month aligning with particularly to the cycle of the pagan crescent moon and pagan events. The pagan crescent moon symbol is used by the Catholic Church as their guild of enlightenment.
Symbols have an extremely profound effect on the human Mind and Soul and can make deep connections with and leave powerful imprints upon the Subconscious. This is described as the wine of the wrath of fornication.

Walter Veith video about Islam being created by the Catholic church. Walter J. Veith presents in his thesis regarding close ties between Rome, the Vatican, the Catholic faith and Islam. Both having their roots in Babylonian paganism. The false-front of the rapidly growing Christian faith was simply grafted on by Constantine in early A.D. (Ano Domini).

This is the reason the enemy programs of xianity, islam and related lifted these Symbols from the original Pagan Religions they attempted to destroy. Because of the thousands of years that these Sacred Alchemical Symbols were recognized and utilized by our Gentile Pagan Ancestors, they remained imprinted deep within the Soul and the Racial Memory. When the enemy stole these and corrupted them, attaching them to the false programs, they continued to “connect” with the Subconscious and Souls of our Gentile People, with our Racial Memory, thus making it easier for the enemy to deceive and lure people in. Like everything else, these have been hideously corrupted and turned against us.

It is important that people wake up to the truth. The vile lie that is islam and the strangle hold it has over thousands of our Gentile People must be destroyed!
The following are the symbols which were STOLEN from Ancient Paganism:

The Crescent Moon and Star
The stolen islamic versions:


primary symbol of islam

islamic mosque

The Original Pagan Versions:

Ancient Sumerian Crescent and Star

Ancient Assyrian Crescent of Baal

Ancient Hittite Crescent Moon/Sun

Ancient Pagan Byzantium coin

Ancient Babylonian Depiction


It is obvious that this symbol did NOT originate with islam. The Symbol of the Crescent Moon and Star is extremely Ancient and was present in every Ancient Pagan Culture of the world. It is a very powerful and important Alchemical Symbol, relating to the Third Eye and Sixth Chakra as well as to the Feminine Aspect of the Soul.

Islam stole this and used it as its primary symbol. This works directly with the feminine Alchemical Energies which are manipulated to keep the ignorant followers enslaved.
The Cardinal William Baum of Washington DC has a banner that looks like a Pakistani flag. You might not find it funny, that a Vatican appointed Cardinal has a banner than looks like the national emblem of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Banner or emblem of Cardinal William Baum

This emblem has the classical crescent moon found in Islamic symbols, and mixed with the color green, this cardinal could be a representative of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The national emblem of the republic of Pakistan.

Islamic symbols


Cardinal Baum dressed in their traditional color of red.


The double cross used by the Vatican Cardinals is not a Christian symbol.
It is a symbol of betrayal, and a symbol of the dragoon in the occult, and within Satanism.  This Papal symbol is similar to the double cross used by the ancient Orthodox Byzantine “Church”, that had the double headed eagle as their symbol. This is a symbol that is in use among freemasons.

Symbol of the ancient Orthodox Byzantine Church.

Cardinal Paulo Evaristo of Sao Paulo of Brazil has the symbol of the Egyptian sun god on his banner.  His pagan Egyptian symbol is on top of a T, that is penetrated by s sword.

Banner of Cardinal Paulo Evaristo.

The likeness of the symbol of the Egyptian sun god is striking. Its almost impossible not to acknowledge that the Vatican is a copycat of the pagan Egyptian original.

Ancient Wall painting in Egypt with Isis and baby Horus.

Isis is the mother of gods, also the Egyptian sun god.

Isis from Hathor in Egypt.

Cardinal Paulo Evaristo.

You have to ask cardinal Paulo why he wants to promote this pagan image.
Edmund Casimir Cardinal Szoka is the President Emeritus of the Governatorate of Vatican City State. His banner looks like the flag of Turkey, and has a crescent moon in its center.

Banner of Cardinal Szoka.

The emblem of the Turkish national police

Catholic order of St. Patrick.

The star and medals of the grand master of the order of the Holy Sepulchre.

Edmund Casimir Cardinal Szoka

Cardinal Albert Vanhoye was born in France, and is a priest that represent the Jesuits who has formed the “Society of Jesus”. His banner must be the best proof there is, that the Roman Catholic celebration of the Eucharist, is worship of the sun god.  A more visual evidence can hardly be found inside the Vatican system.

Banner of Cardinal Albert Vanhoye.

Official emblem of the Ecuharist in the Vatican. The crescent moon and the sun is worshiped.

Assyrian Baal suncrest, symbol of moon and sun worship.

The Asyrian wall inscription in full.

A Roman Catholic gold stand that holds up the Eucharist. The sun and crescent moon is worshiped.


Cardinal Albert Vanhoye


What about the Pope. Is he the symbol of the sun god, called “The Holy Father”? Lets take a look a look at a tablet of the sun god baal from British Museum, collected from Babylon in Iraq.


The similarities with the Papal Chair in Rome and sun symbols in the Vatican can not be denied.


St. Peters Square in the Vatican seen from the air.


We have to be able to see the humoristic side of this, also.
I have earlier proved that the crescent moon can be found inside the golden stand that hold up the wafer host in every Catholic mass.
That the crescent moon is also to be found at the very top of the dome inside St. Peters Basilica, must be more than a funny coincident. Just google “dome Vatican”, and take a look at multiple images available.
That this symbol used in the heart of Islam is found just above the Papal throne in Rome, is another example that displays that “Allah” and the “god” of the Pope is the same.

The late Pope kisses the Koran


Another proof of this, is the picture of the late Pope kissing the Koran.
No wonder why Roman Catholic Bishops claims the Koran to be a “Holy Book”, and that all religions points towards the same “god”
What more do you need to put on your shoes, dust them and leave the Roman Catholic claimed to be a “Christian Church” ?
That the Cardinals have taken their names and colors from a American bird, is  funny. That the late Pope did kiss the Koran, is not funny at all.


Many images will show you the Islamic crescent moon on the top in the dome in the Vatican.
The Roman Catholic “Church” is full of paganism, deceptions and religious wickedness. The leadership has made the Catholics members of a Satanic cult.

If we look at the Julian calendar reform as a major impetus for Mithras we fall much closer to this time-line (the fall-out after the battle of Actium would also have contributed to a delay as the consolidated empire and emperor worship sought to assert itself). But, you naturally ask, what does the Julian calendar have to do with Mithras?

Suetonius, in his life of Julius Caesar, gives a fairly detailed account of the creation of the Julian calendar and says that this was accomplished with the help of Egyptian astronomers (which were probably Greeks in Alexandria Claudius Ptolemy's immediate predecessors?). Besides the fact that it was Egyptians called to make the changes, the other interesting tidbit is that another 2 or so months were added to the year the change was made (don't have Suetonius with me at work so can't quote him). Since Mediterranean culture was obsessed with astral fatalism you can imagine the ramifications of someone actually tinkering with the calendar and the length of a year.

The catalyst for Orphism was the Greek's absorption of Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife (again, even Pythagoras and Plato studied in Egypt and thus the paths through which Egyptian ideas were
disseminated were varied), then the Julian Calendar reforms as a catalyst for the creation of Mithras.
Caesar changes the calendar which has far-reaching ramifications for astrological beliefs -theories such as Hipparchus "displacement of the solstices and equinoxes"would certainly have become contemporarily interesting to say the least.

According to Neugebauer it was Hipparchus who introduced Babylonian/Chaldean mathematical astronomy into Hellenistic culture and thus there is a connection to Babylon/Chaldea/Persia as the home of the astronomical "gnosis" that aided in the calendar corrections and no doubt the renewed speculations about precession which had caused the imperfections in the old calendar. Nevertheless the astronomers correcting the calendar are explicitly labeled as Egyptians by a very reliable historian (Suetonius).

Subsequent to the calendar reforms we find Caesar and Antony's grasps for global power fixated on linking with the tradition of the first global empire of Alexander the Great via Cleopatra; this underscores the place of Egypt in the Roman cultural psyche. Antony/Cleopatra was of course squashed by Octavian and he set himself up as the global power ("Pax") celebrated in the Aeneid. The Aeneid replaces the cosmological worldview in Homer's description of Achilles' shield with a description of the Trojan/Roman hero's shield, the latter having the Battle of Actium (a future event) at its center showing the defeat of Antony and Cleopatra and their gods, namely the "dog-headed Anubis". Fortune thus fails the Orient and her gods – to have equated Mithras overtly with an Egyptian god (Osiris/Serapis) would have made little sense with Antony/Cleopatra's failure. Nevertheless Egyptian afterlife beliefs maintain their efficacy as evidenced in the spread of Isis cult (even though it was persecuted since it contradicted the notion of a Western (vs. Oriental) Pax. No male god was going to challenge the Capitoline Jupiter as the main god and thus Jupiter (and sometimes he is depicted as Serapis in the Tauroctonies) is not challenged; indeed we find Jupiter reconciled with Saturn (is Mithras able to do this since his Phanes-like rock-birth predates the other gods?). Keep in mind that Saturn (pagan Saturday) and Jupiter are also celestial bodies but they never revealed the cosmic force of precession; Mithas is thus a cosmic force that is more primeval.

Mithras represents Orphic/Osiris beliefs added to the new mythical explanation of precession and the calendar. The fact that precession was discovered with Chaldean knowledge could not be disguised (hence the archaic Persian garb that Mithras wears), however, the belief in an afterlife was Orphic/Egyptian. As the oldest, albeit previously hidden, god Mithras must have also revealed the immortality mysteries to Orpheus, Osiris, etc. This would explain why Mithraeum are sometimes located next to the temples of other cult's - but Mithraist must have looked condescendingly at their somewhat ignorant neighbors who did not know the full truth of the mysteries. The Mithraist believed to have regained these mysteries in their original form.

Walter J. Veith presents his thesis regarding close ties between Rome, the Vatican, the Catholic faith and Islam. Both having their roots in Babylonian paganism. The false-front of the rapidly growing Christian faith was simply grafted on by Constantine in early A.D. (Ano Domini).

Easter is known for its bunny rabbits, colored eggs, hot cross buns, and the return of springtime. But where did Easter come from?
Few people realize that Easter is not about the resurrection of Christ.

The only time the word “Easter” is found in the Bible (Acts 12:4), it is there by mistranslation. The word in the original Greek is “Passover.” Jesus died at the time of the Passover feast, but the Passover is not Easter and Jesus did not die at Easter time. Easter is an ancient spring festival. Long before the time of Christ, the pagan goddess Ishtar, or sometimes known as Astarte or Ashtoreth, was worshiped in different countries. Our modern practice of sunrise worship originates from the pagan festival honoring Ishtar. The story of Easter also helps explain how Sunday became sacred and the origin of virgin worship.

The Scheme of Imitation
Centuries before the birth of Christ, Satan encouraged people to have religious beliefs and practices that would imitate the coming Saviour’s resurrection.

This statue represents the mother goddess figure, known under many names such as Artemis, Diana.

This was a brilliant strategy that kept people from recognizing and appreciating the plan of salvation. Because pagans had similar beliefs of a “resurrection” before Christ, it is much easier to say that Christ’s resurrection was just another version of the same old pagan story from long ago that has nothing to do with reality or a plan of salvation of any kind. Many scoffers use this type of reasoning to explain away the Bible’s truths.

The sacrificial system was also imitated by pagans, but perverted to be all about appeasing a wrathful God instead of a loving God that became flesh and died willingly in our place. Satan has always counterfeited and perverted the truth because he knows that if he does so, many will be led to disbelieve the Bible and not choose Christ.

The early pagan practices and beliefs about Ishtar and the resurrection prepared the world for the religious apostasy which would occur after the time of Christ. The pagans believed in a god that was resurrected each spring on Easter—a day which dedicated to Ishtar, the mother goddess. She was also called the queen of heaven and supposedly interceded with the gods on behalf of humankind. This precise belief has been applied to Mary by the Roman Catholic Church, but it is as pagan as it gets, and has no basis in the Bible whatsoever.

The mother goddess has had many names throughout the various pagan religions in history. She has been known as Astarte, Ishtar, Ashtoreth, Cybele, Rhea, Demeter, Ceres, Aphrodite, Venus, Diana, and Freya.

Easter did not originate for the purpose of celebrating Christ, but rather for the purpose of worshiping the mother goddess Ishtar. Because worshipers of Ishtar presented her with two fertility symbols—eggs and rabbits—these became part of the Christian Easter celebration. Because sunrise at the beginning of spring was the holiest day in the Mithraic calendar (next to December 25), the practice of Easter sunrise services continued on into Christianity.

Because the Ishtar celebration was held each spring on a Sunday, close to the vernal equinox, the ascension of Christ was changed from 40 days after the time of Passover (as told us in the Bible) to the annual Easter celebration. All this began in paganism, with the Ishtar and Tammuz legend.

Many Christians celebrate Easter as the day celebrating the resurrection of Christ, but the truth is that the celebration of Easter actually comes from paganism.

In conclusion:

Professor Walter J. Veith teaches on The truth, the real sabbath, the day of the Lord, vs sunday worship.
The seventh day was never to be a fixed pagan day like the pagan Saturn goddess day. Neither was the Sabbath day to be fixed on a pagan sun goddess day called Sunday. The pagan worship of the Saturn goddess is always done on the Saturday. Thus the word Saturday is called after the pagan goddess of Saturn.
Nowhere in the bible will you find the word Saturday is the Sabbath. It is not there ever in any scripture of the bible. The Catholic Church added the word Easter to the bible but the word Easter is wrong it is a pagan word like the word Saturday.
The bible identifies the Sabbath only by the number seven and it begins on the new full moon and occurs four time a month for thirteen months a year.

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